The original game is Secret Hitler, a hidden identity social deduction party game developed by Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage LLC, manufactured by Breaking Games and distributed by Blackbox.

In 2021 I did a Portuguese version of the game, containing known fascist and liberal portuguese personalities as well as some original fascists and liberal laws.

Technical specs

Made with Ai – Adobe Illustrator
Players – Minimum 5 / Maximum 10

At the beginning of the game, each player is secretly assigned to one of three roles: Liberal, Fascist, or Dictator.
The Liberals have a majority, but they don’t know for sure who anyone is; Fascists must resort to secrecy and sabotage to accomplish their goals.

The dictator plays for the Fascist team, and the Fascists know the dictator’s identity from the outset, but the dictator doesn’t know the Fascists and must work to figure them out.

The Liberals win by enacting five Liberal Policies or killing the dictator.

The Fascists win by enacting six Fascist Policies, or if the dictator is elected Chancellor after three Fascist Policies have been enacted. Whenever a Fascist Policy is enacted, the government becomes more powerful, and the President is granted a single-use power which must be used before the next round can begin.
It doesn’t matter what team the President is on; in fact, even Liberal players might be tempted to enact a Fascist Policy to gain new powers.